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MEDICINE TEACHES CHILDREN MINISTRYIt is quite interesting that even orthodox medicine teaches children evangelism and ministry.While churches and Christian body may still be debating the importance of children ministry and evangelism, God uses orthodox medicine to teach us as he often reveals Himself to man through nature so that we have no excuse Romans 1:20.So I think we should use the things we can see to explain things we cannot see so that we may have a better understanding of this subject of children ministry.Taking my rotation through neonatology unit of the teaching hospital we care for children from day 0-28, which is very crucial stage of life. In fact some damages at this stage are irreversible all through life.I have seen mothers bring in their babies with complaint of poor cry at birth, poor suck, abnormal body movement, yellowness of the body and eyes even some of the innocent babies were brought in with poor activity, weakness and floppy…Thoughts run through my heart as I saw the ignorance of the parents and the helplessness of the tiny babies.The inability of babies to cry spontaneously at birth with difficulty with breathing easily brings to mind of a Physician that the baby has suffered birth asphyxia.Birth asphyxia is simply inability of a new born to initiate or sustain breathing at birth… This often affect every organs of the baby in some degree depending on the level of asphyxia e.g the brain, the heart, the kidneys, the intestines etc just because they will not have enough oxygen.Most of these mothers might have laboured for long or may even be too short to deliver the baby without caesarean section.The challenge is that the brain of the baby may be permanently damaged such that the child may not be able to live normal life, some may later come down with kidney problems later in life.Almost all the challenges in the new born unit are due to the ignorance of the parents about what to do with babies from conception to deliveries and during the neonatal period but you know who bears the burden?Everybody bears the burden of such ignorance from the parents to the Physicians, to the nurses, the family members, the church, the community and our world for such children may need support all their lives not able to contribute to progress of the family and the society.This is the case with all medical cases seen in neonatal unit. Some times when some of the babies packed and the mothers cried and the relatives were sad as normally it should be the health team just can’t congratulates them of the burdens the Lord has speared themJust as it is with medical cases in neonate and children same it is with spiritual matters, sin not conquered in children will not resolve with age rather it will leave a permanent damage which may affect not only the child but the entire communityThis is a Clarion call to children evangelism and ministry. We can’t have a healthy family without children won for the Lord neither can the church grow without an effective and efficient children ministryLet not enter it lightly we must pray them to the Lord while young and pattern for them godly lifestyle.


As I sat quietly watching the little creature crawling from their different holes, I marveled at what I saw. I looked intensely and with rapt interest, my mind and all my faculties were engaged in brewing over these creepy creatures but very sensitive I noticed they crept out of holes of different shapes and sizes,…


A Christian may work for himselfHe may be under a tenacious bossAnd may even be under the governmentBut, his real employer is God He may pay himselfAnother hand may pay himThe government may pay himBut, God employed him He may serve a nicheHe may serve a cityOr may be called to serve a nationHe is…

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