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A Christian may work for himselfHe may be under a tenacious bossAnd may even be under the governmentBut, his real employer is God He may pay himselfAnother hand may pay himThe government may pay himBut, God employed him He may serve a nicheHe may serve a cityOr may be called to serve a nationHe isContinue reading “GOD EMPLOYED”


Life isn’t a straight course, there are lots of changes and adaptations that must be done as one goes through life which is often difficult, but always necessary. The only creative thing in life is to anticipate change and prepare for it. Things would not continue the same way but what we do with theContinue reading “THE BEND”


Don’t give up The road of life may be dreadful and hurtful A lot of highs and lows, the sweet and the sour You are not alone Don’t give up on yourself Don’t give up on life In the desert, there is an oasis Dry grounds also yields fruitful plants with patience Never throw inContinue reading “NEVER!!!”

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